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This is the perfect place to introduce solutions for R&D cycle shortening, productivity improvement, quality improvement, VA/VE, and cost reduction to industry professionals. Manufacturing World Nagoya consists of 7 specialized shows for each product category.

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Automotive, Aerospace & Machinery makers!

Match supply and demand instantly and smoothly!

Industry's leaders speak! Conferences held concurrently


2021.12.02          Remote Exhibiting Plan released

2021.04.12          Visitor Count 2021 show released

2021.04.09     Visitor Ticket Request for 2022 Started

2021.04.09     Exhibiting Info Request for 2022 started

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TEL: +81-3-3349-8506
FAX: +81-3-3349-8500

Manufacturing World held in Tokyo, Nagoya & Osaka!


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