Mechanical Components & Materials Technology Expo [M-Tech]

Mechanical Components & Materials Technology Expo [M-Tech] is an exhibition gathering all kinds of mechanical parts such as bearings, fasteners, mechanical springs, metal and plastic processing technology. M-Tech attracts a significant number of professionals every year from design, development, manufacturing, production engineering, purchasing and quality control departments, to conduct lively business discussions with exhibitors.

Exhibit Profile

Motion Technology/ Motors Fair

Bearings|Shafts|Changers/Reducers|Couplings|Gear Wheels|Belts|Chains|Lubricant|Motors|Drivers|Controllers|etc.

Fluid Power Transmission / Tube Components Fair

Hydraulics Equipment|Pneumatics Equipment|Water Hydraulics Equipment|Compressors|Seals|Pipes|Tubes|Joints|Valves|Nozzles|etc.

Processing Technology & Materials Fair

Machining/Cutting|Pressing|Forging|Casting|Die-Casting|Fabrication Technologies|etc.

Surface Treatment & Modification Fair

Plating|Surface Coating|Surface Treatment & Modification Technologies|etc.

Fasteners /Mechanical Springs Fair

Bolts|Nuts|Washers|Rivets|Pins|Spring Forming Machines|Spring Testing Machines|Variety Springs|etc.

Deburring & Mechanical Parts Cleaning Fair

Blasting Technologies|Barrel Finishing|Deburring & Surface Finishing Technologies/Equipment|Cleaners|Driers|Water Treatment Technologies|etc.

Mechanical Parts & Related Products Fair

Hinges|Stays|Levers|Casters|Handles|Mechanical Parts & Related Products|etc.

Processing Machines / Hand Tools Fair

Hand Tools|Diamond/CBN Tools|Spindles|End Mills|Machine Tools (Injection Molding Machines, Metal/Resin Processing Machines etc.)

Visitor Profile

Manufacturing industry professionals
from design, development, trial production, production engineering, procurement, maintenance and quality control departments.

Exhibitor Comments (excerpts)


We had concrete business meetings with 60 companies on-site. One of the companies had already visited our factory. The sales amount is expected to be more than USD 100,000 and we have already signed up a larger booth for next year.


We have been exhibiting for the past 4 years. M-Tech show is the place where we can meet with manufacturers who has subsidiary in Southeast Asia. We already visited 2 new potential clients, and are discussing casting parts for motor cover. The sales amount is expected to be USD 20,000 per month.


M-Tech OSAKA is an entirely different market exhibition from Tokyo Show. We negotiated with 140 companies at the venue. 100 of them were completely new customers. The order value per case happened in Osaka is not very large, but visitors of Osaka are quick to take action and decisions.


We got 7 new potential clients during the show, 3 of them have visited our factory and ordered serval prototyping parts from us. The sales amount is expected USD 10,000 per month.

Visitor Comments (excerpts)


We plan to introduce the driving unit at USD 272,550. We would like to visit the exhibition next year again as an opportunity to select products.


We visited to find machinery parts such as metal parts and flat spring for camera and copier. We are proceeding our internal process to purchase aluminum die-casting parts from Taiwan exhibitor and the order quantity will be 20,000 – 30,000 units.


With USD 180,600 as a budget, we visited the venue to purchase the motor for working machine. This is the first time we came here, and we were very surprised by the size and enthusiasm of the show.


This is the must-attend show for Huawei. We came here to search companies dealing with surface treatment technology and metal processing service for our products. Definitely, we come back to the show.

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