International Exhibitors Featured Products/Technologies (excerpt)

Manufacturing all kinds of precision mechanical products, molds, constructions, iron and steel products. High stamping mechanical parts, spare parts, stamping parts, die mold, mold station, iron, steel, ferrous metal, mechanical, etc. Serving clients from all over the world such as UK, Italia, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan.

As a leading manufacturer of high-end optical systems, ART provides image processing products to Japan since 2004. They are used by major European automotive manufacturers. We will demonstrate our real-time position verification product VERPOSE, live at our booth. Please come and convince yourself!


Plastic parts (Printer parts, mobile parts, musical instrument), Steel Boxes for packaging and transporting, Precision injection mold, etc.

Turning/Milling Parts.
We focus on auto lathe machines, we can produce thousands of parts per day, hundreds of thousands of parts per month. We are strong about processing aluminum, we can make tolerance +/_0.05 mm.

We are leading manufacturing of Rubber Compound and Rubber molded parts for all industries.

Grande Machinery introduces advanced silicon sol lost wax precision casting process, well appointed casting equipment, high-precision CNC machines and machining center. On the testing aspect, we have Swiss ARL spectrograph, Metallurgical Microscope, hardness tester, Universal testing machine, three-dimensional, X-ray and other test instrument. Grande Machinery also has a complete production line from mold design to casting, machining, and surface treatment with strong technical R&D ability to meet customers' special process demands.

Provides Design and Mold Fabrication, Manufacture of Injection Plastic, Electroplating on Plastic & Metal Components.
Establish year since 2003 and our strength lies in our ability to build long lasting relationships and to deliver value and quality to clients.

Production of precision mechanical goods (JIG Accuracy: 0.01-0.005mm)
Design, machine manufacture and automation systems for improving productivity of the enterprise (product testing machine, stamping and drying machine), transport system in the workshop (Roller system, Conveyor systems) ,other production equipment such as troller, shelves, mainipu-lation table, cabinet, etc.

We provide high quality pressing, welding products for both construction engineering and automobile industry.
We deliver to local and international clients including Japan.

JAT company specializes in manufacturing motor, automobile parts and industrial equipment by the lines such as hot forging, cold stamping, welding, lathing, milling and others.

We provide many kinds of mechaning products for precision parts or prototype. They are processed by cutting use CNC machine and finishing by hand. Many kind of Material are used like aluminum, plastic or steel.

As the representative products of MotionWorks, we exhibit hybrid modeling method machine tool that integrates a CNC milling engraving machine with FDM 3D printer and 5-axis CNC machine with desktop standard. This hybrid model enables complicated and sophisticated three-dimensional modeling, and the desktop standard 5-axis CNC machine with 5-axis and multi-axis machining is used for 5-axis related cutting technology.

Meets all environmental standards of China Environmental Protection Bureau. Stability NO. 1! Acquired automotive industry quality management system certification (IATF 16949)

Taiya RDP is one of the most professional manufacturers of thread rolling die through over 3 decades. We are continuously committed to product development and technology upgrading, and every detail of product manufacturing is strictly controlled, so we have a high ability to meet customer needs. Every RDP logo product is a symbol and guarantee of good quality.


Aluminum casting molds and Products for automobile, motorbike, electronic and home appliances industries. Producing both industrial and home appliance's aluminum and plastic products for the domestic production and export demand. Die molds, jigs and milling design and production for the domestic production and export demand.

Ous company was founded in February of 2011 and specialized in precision metal processing and manufacturing. Our vision is to become a leading manufacturer of supporting industry in Vietnam.

ZG Technology's smart hanheld 3D scanner-AltiraScan Elite has the world's first hole testing technology, welcome to manufacturing world Japan 2019 to see our high-tech products.

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Those under 18 years old are not allowed to enter the show.
JPY 5,000/person will be charged without a ticket.