International Exhibitors’ Comments

Manufacturing World Nagoya 2019 welcomed 179 international exhibitors from all over the world. Hear the real voices of the exhibitors about their experience during the show below.

Advanced Realtime Tracking GmbH (Germany)
Actually we have been participating with our partner in other shows but we have decided to join this year on our own to exhibit a different product,VERPOSE®. It is a camera and software system for hand-guided assembly tool. The number we met on the first day of the show is more than the total number we met in Hannover Messe in a week. We are very happy meet some potential customers and had been requested to provide pricing as well. Show management promotion support is very good and enjoyed their service.

AIB Engineering Co., Ltd. (Thailand)
This is our 2nd year exhibiting in Manufacturing World. We produce shot blasting machines, high quality aluminum die casting, auto-parts, electronics and etc. On the first day itself we met 3 potential customers and met many other visitors at out booth. Participation in exhibition is very important for our company and we are planning to exhibit in all 3 shows.

Artec 3D (Luxembourg)
We started exhibiting since 2017. Originally we co-showed with our re-sellers and this year we decided to have a big size independent booth. Our products provide all sorts of 3D scanning solutions for industrial manufacturing, healthcare, science and education with high precision. A good number of visitors came to our booth. This expo is a good place for business expansion and branding to increase visibility in Japan. We are planning to exhibit again.

Bolt & Nut Industry Co., Ltd. (Thailand)
This is our 7 years exhibiting. We had exhibited in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka shows. Our company supply medium size cold & hot forging parts to automobile, agricultural, contruction and electrical purposes. M-TECH is a good exhibition to show our company and we are getting re-visits from customers we met in Tokyo. M-TECH is very important for our company because 70% of our customers are in Japan. We will exhibit in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka next year.

CSP Casting (THAILAND) Co., Ltd. (Thailand)
We have been exhibiting for 3 years in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka shows. We manufacture Aluminum and Zinc Die casting and gravity casting products. We also provide mold designs and surface finishing and assembly services. We find this exhibition very useful for our business and many visitors already know us and are interested in our products. We value this exhibition as a good marketing strategy and branding tool for our business. We will continue to exhibit in all three locations.

Duri Mitech (Korea)
This is our first exhibition and we met more than 20 visitors and exchanged business contacts with 30 visitors. We have been able to find new potential customer and this is an important exhibition to increase our sales. We believe this expo is very important for our branding and we are planning to sign up for the next exhibition.

IDMEA (Vietnam)
Industrial Mechanics and Automation Co., Ltd

This is our third exhibition. In the past we had exhibited in both Tokyo and Nagoya.  We provide design, production and assembly services for jigs, parts, conveyer facilities and many more. We met many serious visitors with specific requirements. Some even came with drawings. We believe Manufacturing World is a good place to expand our business in Japan and we are positively considering to exhibit in Tokyo and Nagoya shows.

Koh Young Technology (Korea)
This is our first time exhibition and we have met some automotive potential customers who expressed interests to our products. They also contacted us for business partnership. This exhibition is good for searching and finding new clients in Japan.40 companies contacted us and we are expecting successful deals. The show management is on-time, prompt and informative. We enjoyed the excellent service.

MIS (Thailand) Co. Ltd
We have been exhibiting with Reed for more than 20 years in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka shows. We are a wire harness manufacturer and Japanese customers already know us. Although there are many other marketing tools such as internet, through my experience, it is still the best to meet face to face. Human touch is very important for building a trusting relationship. We will continue to exhibit in Manufacturing World to further our networking within the industry.

Motion Works (Korea)
We provide 3D Printing and CNC mining solutions. This is our second year exhibiting and the products promotion campaign is very helpful for our success in this show. We believe this exhibition is a very important event for our company and we expect sales of 20 million JPY this year (182K USD). We are planning to participate in the next exhibition again and we are very satisfied with the show management’s service.

N.Y.C. Industry Co. Ltd. (Thailand)
This is our 2nd year exhibiting in Manufacturing World. We provide design, injection mold & press dies, plastic injection and etc. We met many high quality visitors. This exhibition is very important for us to market our products not just in Japan but also to other countries. We feel that this EXPO is very good opportunity to increase our branding and we should not miss it. Show management service is very nice also.

P Quality Machine Parts Co., Ltd. (Thailand)
We have 10 years of history with Manufacturing World. Our company produce automotive parts, agricultural machinery and jigs fixtures. Through this show we received huge company contacts and this EXPO is important for us to expand our market and branding. We are looking at achieving 5% sales of our total annual revenue through this exhibition.

Pacific Rubber Works Co., Ltd. (Thailand)
We have been exhibiting with Manufacturing World for more than 10 years and this is our 3rd year in Nagoya. We are a rubber parts manufacturer for automotive, electronics and medical industries. This year, we are very happy to meet many potential customers and even met visitors from aerospace industry. We are excited that this may open a new field for our business. We will continue to exhibit in all 3 locations, in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya.

Sahasilp Rivet Industrial Co., Ltd. (Thailand)
This is our second time exhibiting in Manufacturing World. Previously we exhibited in Tokyo. We are one of the finest fastener makers using cold forging technologies supplying to both domestic and international companies. We are flexible in customizing supply to meet customer needs. We met many visitors and even some who came with drawings. We consider M-TECH as an important place to start our business in Japan. Currently, we are considering to exhibit again in M-TECH.

Thai Cheer Power Industry Co., Ltd. (Thailand)
We started exhibiting since 2016 in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka shows. This is our first year in Nagoya. We are a manufacturer of Powder Metallurgy to produce various kinds of component parts use for Sewing Machine, Automotive, Compressor, Appliance and other spare parts. We appreciate the Show Management for dividing the sections based on categories which enables visitors to look for their targeted items. We met many potential customers and also received quotation request. We will continue to exhibit with Reed.

Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) (Thailand)
We have been exhibiting in Manufacturing World for more than 10 years. This is our 4th Nagoya exhibition. We are here to promote our part makers and build relationship with the automobile companies in Nagoya area. This year, we have 14 part makers and 4 industrial developers. Through Manufacturing World, many Japanese customers know us and we hope to expend into other fields such as medical industry.

Vietnam Association For Supporting Industries VASI (Vietnam)
This is our second pavilion in M-TECH. We are very satisfied with the size and professionalism in the exhibition. It reflects the latest development in the industry. This exhibition is a good place to learn more about the market trend and, according to each industry trend, we can work closely with the Vietnamese government and reflect Japanese requirements to Vietnamese companies. M-TECH is a very good place to develop our businesses in Japan.